Coaches Uncaged by Animas
Coaches Uncaged by Animas

Welcome to Coaches Uncaged by Animas

Grow Your Practice Like You Mean It

About Coaches Uncaged

Founded by Nick Bolton, Coaches Uncaged seeks to create a space of playful and fun for growing your coaching practice.

Ditch the self-judgement, stress and anxiety and start to make the journey of growing a coaching practice fun, enjoyable and passion-fuelled.

Learn from coaches who have been there and done. Learn what worked and what didn't. Connect and support one another. Share learnings.

Let the attitude of critiquing other people's approaches fade away as you focus on you and the difference you want to make.

Let's go!

Why Join?

Coaches Uncaged is a business community exclusive to Animas Centre for Coaching.

Join us you’ll enjoy:

  • Great interviews with business experts 
  • Interviews with newer coaches who share their journeys 
  • Live events and group sessions 
  • A coaching business course delivered by Animas founder, Nick Bolton plus guests
  • A community to ask questions, shares ideas and collaborate 
  • Groups to connect to likeminded people
  • Resource library